Thursday, May 18, 2006

Recipe's of a Different Sort

Some day you are going to find me (hopefully) on a couple acres of land, barefoot, in a long white skirt with my hair braided down my back. I'm going to be gathering eggs from the chickens and then I'm walking into the house to continue whipping up some homemade lotions, bath scrubs and bath fizzies. I'll do this inbetween making my homemade soap and baking the bread. When I need a break I'll wander out to the garden and check my peppers and tomatoes, possibly stop by my flower garden to say hello to fuzzy yellow and black bumble bee's and then come back inside home where I'll sip some ice cold freshly squeezed lemonade.

Peppermint Body Lotion

1/4 t borax
1 t white beeswax
1 t lanolin
2 T petroleum jelly
5 t apricot kernel oil
4 t cold-pressed sunflower oil
10 drops peppermint oil

Disolve borax in 2 T boiled water. Melt the beeswax, lanolin and petroleum jelly with the apricot kernel and sunflower oil in a double broiler. Remove from heat and stir well. Add the borax solution, whisking until cool. Stir in the peppermint oil. Pour into a large glass jar and store in a cool dark place.

A Favorite Oil

3 T almond oil
1 t wheat germ oil
10 drops chamomile oil

Pour into a pretty glass bottle and store in a cool place.

Moisurizing Cream
(fragrance free for guys and girls)

2 T carnauba wax
1 T white beeswax
1/2 c almond oil

Melt the waxes and oil in a double broiler over low heat. Remove from heat and pour into a pot. Let cool to set up. Use as any moisurizing cream, especially before going out into the cold outdoors.


At 5/25/2006 8:56 AM, Blogger Homestead said...

How very odd.... I was just talking to a friend about needing a new lotion and she said I should make my own.... and here's a recipe!!! Perfect!

Oh, and when the place next door to me comes up for sale I'll email you the details.... and help you build the chicken coop!

At 6/09/2006 9:40 PM, Blogger It's okay, Sweetie said...

How timely that I found YOU (via Suburban Turmoil). I notice you have an receipes in the next few blogs. wooo hooo. Love the title of this blog by the way. And also, we grow our own mint, because it grows like a weed. I'm having some right now in a Mojito.


At 7/02/2006 11:51 AM, Blogger kari said...

Will it work on cracked heels?

At 7/06/2006 7:49 AM, Blogger R said...

I'm a soaper, but I fail miserably at lotions. They're always waxy or greasy or solid or the oils separate... I'll be sure to try this one.

At 7/16/2006 8:33 PM, Blogger laura said...

so ... what does one use the favorite oil for?

(skipped over from Hidden Mahala in yonder Frog Pond Holler)


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